Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use a water fed pole for cleaning windows?
A) The water fed pole has many advantages over traditional cleaning methods. It’s safer working from the ground, gives more privacy to the customer and gives a better, longer lasting clean.

Why use pure water to clean my windows?
A) Water from your tap contains lots of dissolved minerals, including calcium & magnesium. If normal water was used and left to dry it would leave a white residue which causes spots and streaks.

How do you purify the water?
A) The water we use is purified by passing tap water through an RO (reverse osmosis) system which incorporates a series of filters which removes any contaminants in the water and therefore making it 100% pure.

Unlike traditional window cleaning where the window cleaner wipes off excess water with a squeegee, the purified water applied to your windows can be simply left to dry naturally, leaving a streak free, crystal clear finish.

Is the process any good for cleaning windows?
A) Yes. Done correctly it has been scientifically proven to be the best process and is eco friendly. Pure water is a fantastic cleaner and the result is crystal clear windows with no smears or blade marks and helps your windows stay cleaner for longer due to no sticky soaps used. You also get frame, sills and doors done free eveytime.

However, please note it will take up to 2 – 3 times before you start seeing the very best results after which you will have lovely clean windows that stay cleaner longer.

Do you still come when it is raining?
A) If it is light to medium rain and wind we can still clean your windows to very high standards as rain water is near pure and wont effect the result but if very heavy rain we will have to miss.

Will you be able to clean the windows above my conservatory?
A) Yes. One of the advantages of using a long, high reach water fed pole is that we can clean windows that are often difficult to reach using other methods.

Can you let us know when you are coming to clean my windows?
A) Yes I will always try and send you an email or text the day/night before where possible to let you know I am coming, all being well and weather permitting. Please let me know if you require this free service. Thank you.

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