Window Cleaning Services


At Pure Cleaning Services we take pride in our work done for customers and do the best possible job we can. We do not rush and if there are any problems or issues then simply talk to us and we will do out best to provide a solution. We offer a 100% customer guarantee for peace of mind.

We clean both residential and commercial properties including shops, office buildings, showrooms and apartment blocks.

We use a high reach water fed pole system which has many benefits over traditional window cleaning. Using a wfp brush and an evironmentally friendly process using purified water, there will be no sticky residue and the windows can stay cleaner for longer.

All frames, sills and doors can be cleaned at the same time as we clean your windows, keeping your window frames look clean and preventing a build up of dirt on your window sills.

The results from cleaning with pure water means a smear free, crystal clear finish with no blade or smear marks to be seen.

Other additional benefits include less disturbance and more privacy when cleaning bedroom and bathroom windows.

The process of using a water fed pole system also means it is much safer working from the ground, and avoids ladder marks on your window frames or damage to your flower borders or garden.

The bottom line is….It is safer for us and your property and achieves superior results.

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